Mindful Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop



Pure Bliss.  Gentle poses, meditation and essential oils.  Bolsters, cushions, pillows and blocks will be used for support.  Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises. This class is open to all students.  Variations of  the poses will be offered for each person's comfort.  


Infant Massage Workshop



The art of Infant Massage is the gift you can give your child that lasts a lifetime.  Infant Massage is a wonderful way to create and maintain a healthy bond with your child and promote a sense of well-being right from the start.  Babies and parents all benefit from time spent together relaxing, playing and enjoying nurturing touch and massage.   

Benefits for Baby

  • Emotionally nourishes the baby
  • Begins a loving, intimate communication between a parent and baby
  • Helps to strengthen and regulate the baby’s primary systems (ie: respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature and gastrointestinal, enhances immune system)
  • Reduces gas and colic and allows baby to sleep better
  • Helps the baby relax and release the tensions of daily stimuli 

Benefits for Parents

  • Better understanding about their infant’s cues of responsiveness
  • Enhances communication and emotional ties
  • Increases confidence and handling skills
  • Greatly improved the bond of affectional attachment
  • Provides a means to develop quality interaction time
  • Helps the parents relax and listen to their baby
  • Massage becomes a perfect avenue for conversation as the child gets older

(Adapted from instructional handout – courtesy of International Loving Touch Foundation)

The Infant Massage Group Classes consist of 2-6 parents with their children. In this 2 hour class, parents will learn infant massage history, benefits and techniques. There will be time to practice some specific approaches to soothe and ease common discomforts and challenging baby moments. The class includes readings, handouts for practice at home and plenty of time for questions and support within the group. A follow up class may be added in a following week at the group’s request. Please bring your child’s favorite blanket, 2-3 toys, a towel or yoga mat to sit on and other baby necessities.  

Essential Oils Workshop



Great introduction to essential oils for everyone. Learn how to use some amazing oils for health and healing at home.  This particular class will focus on 6-10 specific oils and their uses.  Join us to awaken your senses and discover a natural way to soothe headaches, sleep better, heal cuts and scrapes and keep the bugs away. 

Kid's Yoga Workshop



Mind, body, spirit yoga class for children. This class will be a fun and relaxing way for children to explore meditation and yoga, through stories, games and other activities. Jenny also includes aromatherapy, massage stories and many mindful moments for children to learn new ways to relax, release stress and unwind with their peers. Ages 4+ welcome.