Integrated Bodywork is a specialized therapeutic massage for stress, pain, common discomforts, healing, or general relaxation.  Massage therapy sessions may include Swedish, myofascial release, deep tissue, sport massage, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, or medical massage techniques.   A thorough health intake and discussion with the client, regarding needs and preferences, helps to guide these sessions.

Therapeutic Massage

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate.  Therapeutic Massage can be beneficial to heal an injury, soothe muscle pain, ease stress and common mind-body discomforts or help you sink into a deep meditative slumber.  We will create an integrated, therapeutic session that is best for you using a variety of healing modalities such neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, reflexology and myofascial release.   Therapeutic Massages are available in 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 minutes.

Prenatal/ Postnatal Massage

Massage therapy for women in all stages of pregnancy.  Therapeutic massage can ease the discomforts of pregnancy, help with digestion and promote great relaxation and deeper sleep.  After your baby is born, massage can help with healing of the body and provide relief from muscle tension.  Children are welcome to join you in the massage space.  They may sleep or nurse beside you while you receive your massage.  

Pediatric Massage

Jenny is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist and Infant Massage Instructor with many years of experience working with children and teaching them ways to relax, breathe and listen to their bodies.  Nurturing touch, cranial sacral, reiki, relaxing massage and sports massage (for older children) help with sensory/developmental challenges, growing pains, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, sore muscles etc.  Individualized sessions are also offered to provide care and support for children with special health care needs. Parents must be present for all sessions. Available in 30 and 45 minute sessions.

Healthy Aging Massage

Therapeutic Massage for older adults at my office, your home or in a health care setting.  Modified massage modalities to provide nurturing, comforting and therapeutic benefits including increased circulation, decreased pain and improved mobility.  Jenny is certified in Healthy Aging Massage.  Sessions are adapted for each individual's needs. 

Aromatherapy Massage

After reviewing your health history together, we will discuss how we can use aromatherapy to help with allergies, soothe muscles, relieve pain, ease stress etc..  Wildcrafted, Organic essential oils will be implemented into your session.  Individualized aromatherapy recommendations are also offered as part of this treatment. To learn more about Aromatherapy, click here.   

Home Visits available for most healing arts sessions within 20 mile radius of New Paltz - (prices vary)